Project Description

As you can imagine, gas stations suffer from extremely high volumes of traffic, oil leaks, etc. It’s critical to the overall customer experience that a gas station parking area, pumping stations and surrounding areas are smooth with clearly painted lines and graphics.

We completed this project over two days and blocked off half of the parking lot each day, so that the pumps and some parking spaces were still accessible. To begin, we always give the paved area a complete cleaning… we remove the dirt, weeds and debris from the cracks in the asphalt and along the edges of the property. We remove any debris to ensure the sealcoat goes on smoothly. Once the surface is cleaned, we begin crack sealing and filling. We use a brush to apply the seal coat neatly around edges, curves, poles, etc.

Once the seal coat cured, we painted new parking space lines around both sides of the building. This particular Sunoco location also has a drive-through, so we also painted fresh directional arrows around the back and out of the front.

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