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Benefits of Asphalt Patching & Repair

The aging process of your pavement began when your freshly laid asphalt cooled and hardened. Since that time, it has suffered from a variety of abuses like heavy traffic, gas, oil, sun oxidation, salt, water penetration, and severe weather conditions.

If your parking lot is showing signs of age with deep cracks and potholes, it’s time for professional asphalt repair, rejuvenation and sealcoating. After we examine the severity of your asphalt damage, we’ll provide a project estimate that includes only the asphalt treatments you need to protect your investment.

Sealcoating FAQs

  • How often should we sealcoat our asphalt parking lot?

    Sealco Cincy recommends applying a fresh sealcoat every 2 to 3 years. This varies based on how harsh Cincinnati’s winter weather is during that time.

  • After the parking lot gets sealcoated, can you paint new lines on our parking lot?

    Freshly painted lines can be painted on the same day that the sealcoating has been applied. Click here to learn more about our line striping services.

  • How long after sealcoating can we use the parking lot?

    We recommend staying off the driveway for at least 24 hours. This can vary by current weather conditions, so your Sealco Cincy asphalt specialist will give you more specific instructions after your sealcoat has been applied.

Why Choose Us?

Premium Materials & Equipment

High quality materials and the right equipment make our job easier and your help extend the life of your pavement. Our sealcoating and asphalt repair products are tested to withstand heavy traffic and inclement weather. Give your pavement the proper products and the professional service it deserves!

Expertise & Experience

While each property we service is unique, the methods and techniques we use to rejuvenate pavement are the same. So after servicing hundreds of commercial properties over the years, our asphalt repair and maintenance teams offers both experience and expertise to all of our customers. Our customer service is timely, courteous and professional. A combination that’s hard to find in this industry!

Cost Effective & Preventative

We won’t sell you what you don’t need! We specialize in a variety of asphalt repair and rejuvenation services, so that we can customize a combination of them for your parking lot. Our seal coating and asphalt repair products are designed to extend the life of your parking lot, prevent further damage and deterioration, and eliminate very costly pavement replacement in the future.

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